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Hamid is brilliant! Very patient and encouraging as my test date got closer. Passed first time with him! Great experience and enjoyed learning with him! 


Emily from Bristol


Passed April 2022

I could not recommend Hamid enough. A very experienced and calming presence who explains concepts very clearly.

Jonathan from Bristol


Passed March 2022

Hamid is a great and thorough instructor who I found by word of mouth recommendation. I managed to pass first time despite lessons being interrupted by multiple lockdowns. 

Adam from Bristol


Passed December 2021

I can't really praise Hamid highly enough. He is a fantastic instructor. Always on time, he provides excellent tuition and teaches in such a calm and measured manner that I looked forward to all of my lessons and found them highly enjoyable. I think I've got a very good understanding of driving thanks to Hamid and will be a much better driver thanks to his lessons. I can't wait to book some pass plus lessons now I've passed my test! 


Julia from Oldland Common in Bristol


Passed November 2021

Hamid is a brilliant , patient and supportive instructor who I have been learning with for the past year and a half! And couldn't recommend him enought! Hamid explains things clearly and carefully and is always positive, which has helped to build my confidence over time!


Kirsty from Bristol


Passed September 2020

Just would like to express my gratitude to Hamid who was extremely professional at his job. The way he teaches and patience during our lessons - just giving the best results. I have managed to pass my practical test for the first time with only 3 minor faults.  He has brilliant sense of humour, so your driving could be relaxed, but only sometimes. You will be prepared and good luck.


Vicky from Bristol

Passed January 2020

Hamid is an excellent instructor with an unlimited amount of patience and care. If you are a person who is nervous or has had bad experiences with previous instructors, Hamid is the perfect person to team with. I passed my test with only one minor after only 10 hours of driving with him after a previous bad experience with another company. Definitely recommend- 5*


Aaron from Bristol


Passed September 2019

Hamid is absolutely amazing. He is so knowledgeable about the roads. He takes time to explain everything in a manner which is easily understood and has the patience of a saint. After having more than 3 instructors I can say with confidence Hamid is the best!


Hannah from Bristol


Passed August 2019

Just passed my driving test first time! thanks to Hamid, top driving instructor, very experienced, who knows how to bring confident to his pupil, you can only do good by learning from very good.


Jerome from Redfield, Bristol

Passed July 2019

Just Passed my driving test first time with Swish Driving School. Brilliant instructor and helped me learn how to drive from scratch. Very patient and easy to talk to about any problems you have.


Bailey from Barrs Court, Bristol

Passed June 2019

Hamid is friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Happy to start and end lessons where convenient for me. Passed my exam first time, couldn't have asked for better!


Sam from Bristol

Passed June 2019

Hamid is a great instructor, plenty of patience and explains things thoroughly with many visual aids to help. I came to Hamid after not having driven for 5 years and after I had taken my test twice those many years ago, he did a quick assessment to see where I was at, got me up to speed on everything that changed and prepared me for the test this time around. Happy to say I passed first time with 3 minors after doing a few mock tests, where I got similar results with Hamid. Excellent Instructor, thoroughly recommended.


Dan from Cadbury Heath, Bristol


Passed November 2018

Excellent driving instructor couldn't fault him and he is very patient which makes you relaxed when learning to drive. Very nice guy to learn with. Would recommend.


Henry from Oldland Common, Bristol

Passed November 2018

Very very good instructor. He's very calm and patient. He helped me pass very quickly with only 4 minor faults. 


Mitch from Hanham, Bristol

Passed October 2018

Absolutely amazing, Passed first time, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chloe from Staple Hill, Bristol


Passed September 2018

Hamid is a great instructor. He is patient, calm, knowledgeable and professional. He always answered clearly when I asked questions and gave me great advice. I really enjoyed every minute of his lessons. I'm very grateful and can't thank him enough. Even now (after I passed the test) I can hear his voice in my head when I drive, which helps me a lot to be a safe driver. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thank you very much Hamid! 


Mami from Barrs Court, Bristol


Passed August 2018

I definitely recommend Hamid such a great instructor! Helped me loads all throughout my lessons. Also very patient and makes you feel at ease. d


Jessica from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed June 2018

Hamid was recommended to me by someone at work. I was looking for an instructor that could cope with a very anxious and self critical learner. Hamid has been supportive and encouraging from day one, very happy with my choice of instructor, even more so now I've passed!


Keely from Bristol

Passed May 2018

Hamid is brilliant teacher, he is calm, understanding and friendly. I really didn't think I would be able to pass my test but I did first time with Hamid teaching me. I would honestly recommend him to anyone looking to learn.


Lee from Oldland Common,  Bristol

Passed May 2018

A truly excellent experience. Hamid is a patient knowledgeable teacher who taught me not just how to pass the test but how to be a safe responsible driver in all situations. I would highly recommend Swish Driving School to anyone looking to learn to drive.


Tom from Keynsham,  Bristol

Passed April 2018

Passed first time with Hamid. Very patient fit lessons around me. Happy with the result would recommend him to anyone!

Kadie from St George,  Bristol

Passed February 2018

Awesome teacher. able to pass first time thanks to Hamid I couldn't recommend him enough. built the lessons around me and my experience I couldn't ask for more.

Andrew from Oldland Common,  Bristol

Passed February 2018

Hamid was such a great instructor. Came to him with an urgency to pass due to my theory expiring and he did everything he could to get me through the deadline. It was so easy to trust him with his skills and knowledge and he always made me feel at ease. Would definitely recommend him. So grateful for his work.


Jeinel from Radstock

Passed November 2017

Passed first time with 3 minors. I was nervous to begin with but Hamid is a top instructor and was very patient and put me at ease. Highly recommended.

Adam from Barton Hill,  Bristol

Passed November 2017

Would definitely recommend. Made me feel at ease immediately.

Eloise from Redfield, Bristol

Passed October 2017

I've passed the test today first time. Thank you very much Hamid.  Can not say enough good things about this guy. Great teacher, outstanding.


Gai from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed September 2017

Hamid has been great! Very calming, flexible and professional. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.


Mia from Redfield, Bristol

Passed September 2017

I'm very happy that I have finally passed my driving test. It has been a long journey. Wow I had failed on almost everything you could think, I've had several instructors. Even though I have failed with Mr Hamid, I would say that it was no fault of Mr Hamid I got extremely anxious during my test that I made unbelievable mistakes. I believe he felt my pain on every fail. But he continued to exercise the same patience and non judgement approach towards me. He encouraged me, never raised his voice no matter how many times he had to repeat himself, he believed in me. I'm so glad I met him and I recommend him 100 %. He helped me turn from professional learner to a fully qualified. I'm still celebrating.


Cathy from Keynsham, Bristol

Passed September 2017

The first day I started I was very nervous but Hamid makes you feel confident. Also Hamid gives you many tips and mock exams in order to pass your driving test. I would highly recommend Swish Driving School.


Maria from Fishponds, Bristol

Passed February 2017

Passed with 4 minors, Hamid is an amazing teacher.


Alannis from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed December 2016

Hamid is a great instructor. My English language is not very good but Hamid did his best to teach me to drive I have passed my test first time. I recommend Hamid from Swish Driving School. THANK YOU VERY MUCH HAMID!


Julija from Easton, Bristol

Passed September 2016


Passed first time! Excellent instructor very patient and helpful!


Shae from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed August 2016


Passed my driving test today with only 2 minors! Big big Thanks to Hamid, his patience and help! He is best instructor and if you are still learn how to drive I would definitely recommend him!


Tamara from Redfield, Bristol

Passed July 2016

I have just passed my test with 1minor only! Hamid has been patient throughout this journey! He is very polite and funny so driving never got boring. His teaching method helped me stay calm as he is very encouraging. His knowledge is unquestionable. He has never let me down as his pupil always on time very reliable. Would strongly recommend him! Thanks Hamid! 


Justin from Keynsham, Bristol

Passed July 2016

Hamid is an amazing, professional and committed instructor, passed first time and I would definitely recommend him! 5**


Taylor from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed May 2016

Top notch instructor, tailors the lesson to your needs and is just exceptional!!!


Josh from Longwell Green, Bristol

Passed May 2016

Great instructor, will definitely recommend Hamid from Swish driving school to anyone who wishes pass his driving test first time, A+++.





Dominic from Redfield, Bristol

Passed April 2016

I've just passed my practical test for the first time!!! Gotta say that if it wasn't for Hamid's patience, professionalism as well as good sense of humour I wouldn't have enjoyed the journey nowhere near as much as I have! Hamid actually got me liking driving and believe in myself

Top quality!


Michaela from Mangotsfield, Bristol

Passed April 2016

Hamid has excellent ability in allowing a learning in a way that works for individual prep for the test. A great understanding what required to drive on the roads whilst developing skills needed. Much appreciated.


Jamie from Easton, Bristol

Passed December 2015

Had an amazing teacher and passed first time thank you so much !



BJ from Whitchurch, Bristol

Passed November 2015

Hamid is a brilliant instructor, very professional, patient and committed. I've had only a few lessons with him, but undoubtedly his dedication and commitment had helped me a lot to pass my test the very first time. I'm very grateful and can't thank him enough.


Tomasz from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed October 2015

Hamid is a brilliant instructor with great patience and is really committed to getting his students to pass. I cannot thank him enough.



Ali from Easton, Bristol

Passed October 2015


Hamid is a very patient and focused driving instructor. Managed to pass my test thanks to him. I had previously failed 3 times. Great guy!


Tom from Kingsdown, Bristol

Passed September 2015

Hamid is a wonderful instructor.  He has the patience to explain things. I learned quickly with him and he was much better than my previous instructor. Thank you Hamid. I would recommend him to anyone.


Agnes from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed August 2015

I had several driving instructors and Hamid was no doubt the best one. Not only that he was extremely reliable but also very accommodating so that I could get best out of my learning experience. Hamid is very calm and patient in the car and his teaching is well thought, planned, constructive and always tailored to individual students' needs and ability. He helped me to boost my confidence as well as got me through the test with good results. Thank you very much for all your hard work and you will always be my number one recommended driving instructor for anyone who wishes to pass a driving test and be a good driver.


Jeff from Bedminster, Bristol

Passed August 2015

Honestly the best instructor I've come across. I've had 2 previous instructors and neither comapres to how patient and helpful he is. Helped me correct all my mistakes and I passed! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Ismini from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed August 2015


Well happy with the result Defo will recommend to anyone cheers Hamid.


Kieran from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed May 2015

Thank you for helping me pass my driving test!

See you on the road!

from Gemma C :)


Gemma from Kingswood, Bristol

Passed April 2015

Absolutely fantastic instructor. Has plenty of patience and always makes you feel at ease. Highly recommended! Thanks Hamid!


Dan from Downend, Bristol

Passed March 2015


Great and friendly driving instructor. Enjoyed all my lessons :) :)
Thank you Hamid :)


Carol from Southmead, Bristol

Passed December 2014



I had an excellent time learning with Swish driving school.  I have passed my test first time with this company and think it's a great company to learn from. Hamid is a very easy going instructor who knows how to put you at ease. Thank you Swish driving school. 


Sadia from Easton, Bristol

Passed September 2014



Passed my test first time thanks to Hamid, made me feel very at ease, very nice all round guy,,thanks,,,,James.




James from Whitchurch, Bristol

Passed August 2014


I had a very nice experience of my classes with Swish driving school. I tried another company before but was not successful.  Thank you Swish!


Siavash from Easton, Bristol

Passed July 2014



I am very happy today as I passed my test.  I took a very good decision to get lessons from this company.  I failed my test 5 times learning with another company but I passed my test first time with this company.  I had 3 training sessions and at last I passed my test thanks to my instructor Hamid,  who helped me to pass my test.  In my opinion you should get your training with him if you want to hear good news at the end of your training.

Ahmed  from Fishponds, Bristol

Passed July 2014


As a nervous pupil I have gradually become a confident driver, thanks to Swish, taught by a friendly and well knowledged instructor, I would recommend Hamid my instructor to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Alex  from Longwell Green, Bristol

Passed May 2014


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